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Pei-Ching Lu a.k.a. Rainbowfire is an experienced Certified Massage Therapist, Holistic Chinese Medical practitioner, and re-inventor of a sacred lost healing art call Eastern Ashiatsu.

Quantum Multidimensional Clearings $108 per session

This level of work may or may not include removal of energy Seals, implants, repairing trauma cords, clearing entities, clearing ancestral cords and karmas, astral blockages, chakra balancing and Reiki healings.

Bodywork Modalities $150 per hour

Eastern Ashiatsu


Neuromuscular therapy

Access Consciousness

Cupping and Blood Letting

All sessions are based on the organic needs of the living body to suit ones highest Joy and Truth.

Herbal Healing Remedy Consultations:  $65/hr

Herbal Sauna healing is using ancient herbal decoctions in an advanced way.  We learn how to prepare an herbal decoction tailored to each Soul’s need. 
431 30th St Office 130A, Oakland, CA 94609
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