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Teragaia Mission


Teragaia aims to provide healing modality services, classes, and coaching in the areas of general health and healing, breath coaching, access consciousness, traditional Chinese medicine, Tui-na/cupping, ashiatsu and more.

From Pei Ching Lu, Rainbowfire:

I am a passionate healer!  Healing is my life.  Without the principles of preventive health care and the transformations of a pure spiritual revival our world will quickly advance in its devastations.  A healing perspective is needed to save us from the source of pain and disharmony that is ultimately our disconnection with our true divine nature.

After leaving my hometown, Queens, New York, at age 19 life seemed like a whole new vista for me.  I was free from the usual harassments of a dysfunctional home life and for a while I felt I was safe and happy.  Then after a series of disappointing relationships I sought to the heavens for answers.  I had asked God, “Why am I here?  For what purpose was I born?”   The answer I received changed my life—To love, to love, I am here to love!  This message was more than words could describe.  It was a spiritual awakening.  I became aware that the world was so much more than what I had been shown.  Growing up in the tough streets of NYC made me hard and calloused to my feelings, which were raw and unprocessed.  I didn’t like myself most of the time.  I felt alone and rejected.  Then when god spoke to me and offered a vision of what I could become, what I would become I leaped for joy at the call to serve humanity and embarked a seven year journey of powerful transformations.  This road was not an easy one.  I suffered a great deal because I needed to go deep into the abyss of my soul and heal wounds that were physically invisible but spiritually debilitating.  Throughout the hardships my visionary sense was always a guide albeit a strange and enigmatic one.  I had sought to god for the highest and want nothing more than to serve the highest.  But what did that mean?  How was I to know myself if I had never experienced what was out there?  It would have been easy if someone handed me the answers and then I would be done with it right?  Wrong!  I was to enter the domain of light within and search for the truth in my very own self.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I needed to learn through experience and create my life without fear.  This sounded fabulous.  I thought it would be easy and whatever tests came my way I would surely pass with flying colors.  Boy, was I wrong again.  I had personal expectations of how I would do but did not ever expect to lose so much along the way.  What I am saying to you is this:  mastering the soul is the only way to the ultimate Trust in life and it is not easy if you are filled with self-limiting concepts.  As warriors of light in this modern spiritual day, the simple truths that the masters teach can guarantee our safe arrival.  Our only stumbling blocks are the conditions we’ve hypnotized unto ourselves from dimensions too subtle for our detection.  Sure we can lose to self-doubt, pain and suffering but when we can learn from our past, our relationships and regain the power of authentic self-love we acquire mastery over our souls.  We become blessed by the light of the warrior and realize the glory of who we really are.  There are many paths worth taking.  The quickest and highest path in my own spiritual revival process was that of a wounded healer.  This archetype is defined in Sacred Contracts by Dr. Carolyn Myss as such: 

 The wounded healer is initiated into the art of healing through some form of personal hardship anything from an actual physical injury or illness to the loss of all ones earthly possessions.  Regardless of the shape of the wound, the challenge inherent within this initiation process is that one is unable to turn to others for help beyond a certain degree of support.  Only the initiate can ultimately heal the wounds.  If it is an illness or accident it will frequently be one for which there is no conventional cure.  The wounded healer archetype emerges in your psyche with the demand that you push yourself to a level of inner effort that becomes more a process of transformation than an attempt to heal an illness.  If you have successfully completed the initiation, you inevitably experience exceptional healing, and a path of service seems to be divinely provided shortly after the initiation is complete.  

My path has been true to this description of the wounded healer.  Believe me, I was not the bit motivated for personal transformation early in my young adult life.  Yet the call to become a channel of divine love and healing power was unmistakable.  Though the wounds have healed the passion to serve is more vivid and urgent than ever.  I feel so many people are on their personal paths of spiritual revival and are a part of a cosmic plan that is greater than the Earth herself.  Transforming the planet one being at a time is the mission of the Tera-Gaia Foundation.  

No longer obstructed by old fears and self-limiting illusions I am once again a guardian of our earth.  Our friends in the circle of love and life are many and more are calling for a reunification with spirit and to be released from pain.  We uplift our planet by changing ourselves (cells.)  We change ourselves by healing our souls.  The co-creative art of loving service is a science and an invaluable source of learning.  The waking up and healing of our wounds is a must for real universal upliftment.  From this vista, let the foundations of trust, humanity, love, beauty and goodwill prevail over the darkly driven ways of our fundamentally challenged and confused society.  



Tropical Leaves

Joseph Zordich, LMT

Loved it!  Twas a blessing and a gift to share this weekend with you ☺.  Was tough to fit all in one weekend.  I could do a 5-7 days Ashiatsu training retreat.


Matthew Baker, LMT

Rainbowfire is incredibly knowledgeable.  She is patient and loving.  A master in every way!

Flower Buds

Paula Londono, LMT

I am so blessed that I allow myself to follow my intuition and take this time to do this course with such a wonderful teacher.  You can feel her passion transmitted to us during the class.  After taking this class it makes me want to keep this path sharing what I learned to others.


Rainbowfire PC Lu is a gifted healer and spiritualized human being.   

As a multi disciplinary healer with over 20 years of continual practice and refinement she has provided healing for thousands.  She is a Continuing Education provider and teacher of Traditional Chinese Medical art and healing system.  As an activist she pledges to serve her mission, “transforming the planet one being at a time” through her healing presence.   Tera Gaia means the New Earth, a paradigm of conscious co-creation where individual move towards union with their divine selves.  Tera Gaia is for a fifth dimensional paradise, a co-creator’s paradise.

Since 1997 Rainbowfire PC Lu has worked to transform herself on a DNA level, birthing spiritual breakthroughs and cellular transformations.  At an early age she discovered her clairvoyance and saw visions that foretold a future she would eventually know and live.  Some of these visions have come to pass.  Purposeful and strong in leadership she co-creates divinity as a healer, teacher, sacred activist and singer.  

After graduating from The Florida College of Health, earning a Reiki master certification from Master Sandy Swanson in 1998 and completing her Traditional Thai Massage training in Chiang Mai, Thailand she reached out to the world sharing her healing abilities.  In May of 2004 she graduated cum laude from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology while continuing her healing practice.  Receiving Shatipat (kundalini awakening) initiation into the yogic path of meditation with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, head of the SYDA Foundation in October, 2002 Rainbowfire continues to pledge her devotions as a Bhakti yogini through continuing loving service and spiritual practices.   


Rainbowfire is a graduate of the Landmark education courses of 2011.  In March of 2012 she was invited by Brett Leve, CEO of The Summit group in Eden, Utah to share her healing talents within the Summit community.  In June 2013, she was certified by Master Zhi Gang Sha, renowned soul healer and founder of The Institute of Soul Enlightenment, as a Divine Healing Hands Soul healer and in June, 2014 Master Sha empowered Rainbowfire by gifting her certification as a Tao singer and dancer.  Currently, Rainbowfire PC is developing training manuals for Traditional Chinese Medical Bodywork. 

Her studies of the healing arts, spirituality, music and feng-shui broaden from guiding teachers like Dr. Carolyn Myss, John Friend of Anusara yoga, Lillian Too, Master Zhi Gang Sha, Bo Lozoff, Anthony Robbins, Jeffery Yuen, Michael Buck of The Vedic Conservatory and many more authentic healers, shamans, teachers and spiritual communities. Facilitating planetary ascension through on-going seva (selfless service) and hosting community programs since 1999 Rainbowfire shares her passion in serving humanity.          

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