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Master's Certification program

*Level One Live Trainings:
4 Day Barefoot Eastern Ashiatsu Courses
*Zoom Online:
Class Modules for Essentials of Chinese Medicine
*Level Two Mountain Retreats:
5 Day Outdoor Campground Settings


  • Learn the proper procedures for using full-body/barefoot pressure to enter and exit the body

  • Learn effective, time and experientially tested techniques to one of the rarest and most misunderstood modalities in the healing world

  • Have a hands-on practice with individual tutelage from the instructor

  • Learn what ‘meridians’ are and engage dynamically with the ‘tendinomusclutures’ ie JinLo as a formation of the meridian network

  • Discover bodywork as medicinal ‘magic’

  • Discover the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Heal and rejuvenate yourself

  • Earn NCBTMB continuing education credits

  • Receive an original training manual for this course

  • Be part of an intentional healing organization dedicated to the Tera Gaia mission, “ Transforming the planet one Being at a Time”


Effects on the body

• Invigorates jing or vitality

• Aligns tendino-musculatures of meridian channels 

• Balance neuro-chemical/glandular systems 

• Resets nervous system by soothing the centre and calming shen 

• Releases hydraulic pressure from the four limbs and trunk of the body 

• Heals deep tissue wounds 

• Stimulates circulatory/lymphatic systems 

• Invigorates Qi and blood
• Breaks deep tissue adhesions 

• Adjust and aligns the myofacial network of the neck, head, spine and lower limbs 

• Affecting cellular transformation 

• Revitalizes the major vital functions of the digestive, elimination, circulatory/lymphatic, respiratory, nervous/electrical, musculoskeletal systems 

• Treatment of postural and emotional holding patterns 

• Lubricates and facilitates the movement of joints 

• Beautifies the spirit through cellular regeneration 

• Restores, harmonizes, and balances Wei Qi, Ying Qi, Yin and Yang 

Tui-na, Vedic-Thai postures and barefoot massage techniques aim to achieve this through: 

• The rationale and principles of Chinese medicine and Vedic-Thai systems of healing 

• The therapeutic effectiveness of the techniques’ application 

• The method of application--the practitioner’s intention and ability to direct their awareness and Qi flow 

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