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Ashiatsu Student Manual

This manual has been crafted over the course of 14 years of instruction, continually being refined and improved.  The manual is given to each student to learn from and take home to use as a continual study and reference guide.



About Pei-Ching Lu, Rainbowfire

Da Bei Zhou

Tera Gaia Mission

Chinese Healing Arts: A Brief Honoring of History and Men

My Teacher Weiwei

Purpose and Principles of Oriental Massage and Bodywork

Five-Element Theory in our Healing / Practice: The Hara

All Motion Originates from the Belly — by: “Mukti” Michael Buck

Attuning to Higher Consciousness: Your Body a Vehicle of Power and Grace

Meditation: Your Healing Room as a Sanctified Space, Five-Element Theory in Mind and Motion

Never Fall Always Sink— by: “Mukti” Michael Buck

Humility is the Doorway to Compassion and Divine Service

Terminology References for Barefoot Massage

Chi and the Path of Chi

What are Meridians and Their Formations?

The Art of Traditional Chinese Massage and Bodywork

Supine: Hara Abdominal Activating/Pacifying Sequence

Supine: Barefoot Routine on Legs

Supine: Bended Knee sequence

Prone: Barefoot Routine on Legs

Prone: Bended Knee Sequence

Prone: Backwalking RoutineFive-Element Theory in our Healing / Practice: The Hara

Prone: Wheelbarrow Sequence

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