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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Sarina Moss, LMT

Wonderful 3 days absorbing a lot of solid knowledge and being steered in a caring direction to improve my practice.

Justin Troupe

Rainbowfire offers a complete practice for new students in just a few days.  What she teaches is very practical and she will have you receiving very deep healing on Day 1.  The nice thing about Ashiatsu is that it takes very little physical strength to apply lots of pressure.  Perfect for LMTs who want to add a new style or people who want to learn a complete system in a short amount of time.

Tropical Leaves

Carmen Ruiz, LMT

Amazing knowledge coming from her.  She transmits her experiences.  The healing process during the seminar is amazing.  I’m honored and blessed to be here and receive this knowledge and healing.  Amazing teaching.  Thank you.

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