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A Letter From Pei Ching Lu

Hello and Aloha! 

My name is Rainbowfire Pei-Ching and it is a great respect and honor to address your attention to this magnificent course.  Ashiatsu for me has been life changing.  The more I share this, universally beneficial fire, the more I am embracing of its lineage.   Ashiatsu is a breakthrough modality in the bodywork branch of Chinese Medicine.  My teacher is a master name Weiwei from Hong Kong.  I tell her story in my manual.  By receiving and then teaching this art over the past 23 years I can honestly say this style of practice is a master’s dream come true.  If you’ve done your research on Ashiatsu today in the western world there seems to be a divergence from the traditional practice of pressure only!  Today I see using feet for neuromuscular work and relaxation.  There is nothing wrong with this.  In fact it looks very pleasurable with its movements.  I do not follow this path.  Mainly because of how I was taught by Weiwei and witnessed her movements.   They are more like martial arts on bars.  Her practice transcends knowledge having served within the Chinese community over decades of repeating this same style almost daily.  Once I discovered the power that goes bone-deep and became aware of the alchemy that occurs within the human physiology using a combination of art, meridian knowledge, pressure and depth of wisdom I developed my manual to teach this from all I could access.  Now having taught this Eastern style over 8 years I’ve developed a system to serve every one. My greatest intention is for you to become the best Eastern Ashiatsu practitioner possible.  This is not a small promise.  You must be willing to install your own bars and get a buddy so you both share the responsibilities, joy and honors of receiving all this wisdom.  Most of you who are willing to go this depth are probably older practitioners who live a healthy lifestyle.  Let me share with you that having meridian based Ashiatsu as a foundation for your learning not only benefits you professionally but will establish right energies for your longevity and health.  I have received numerous testimonials from student who come to my courses report deeper healing than any other modality received.  They’ve all suffered from painful disease causing issues such as chronic dampness, post trauma stress, knee pain, bone deformities, insomnia, shoulder, back pain, wrist injuries etc…the list continues that this beautiful benefitting art form has produced great results for.  The choice to believe is yours.  I welcome you to practice with me and join my mission in transforming the planet one being at a time.


Tropical Leaves

Anne Marie Baker

You’re the best.  Thanks for giving me the tools to heal.

Mountians and Lake

Jenaveene Lombardo

So glad I decided to come.  I love how Rainbowfire teaches and would love to take another workshop with her.

Mountain Road

Laurie Llaney, LMT

Continue Devotion, Eternal Gratitude.  Thank you.

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