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Lion's Gate Ceremony


2024 Inner Earth Blessings,
Hosted by Indigo Rainbowfire,
Pei Ching Lu

Aloha Dear Ones!

My name is Pei Ching Lu, a local to Mount Shasta and I carry a beautiful singing gift for your healing alignment to the stars this Lion's Gate 2024.  On this very powerful year of the wood Dragon, our Galactic team has ordained a special ceremony for our Divine union on behalf of our Ascension alignment.  I received the mission for it last September and it is inspiring beyond comprehension.  Words do not describe how powerful it is to be a part of this SACRED healing intention.  Join me to support our daily practices with MUSIC.   On this amazing journey we will fractalize our sacred union with the Christ and anchor our light bodies daily aligning with the Sun and Sirius star conjunction to open to LOVE.  May these sacred star alignments bring us into full Christed union.  Gaia Tera Nova is our HOME!

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